I love Overwatch’s designs, they are futuristic and cartoony at the same time, so I was glad to receive this request. It splits in several parts, and the spikes are magnetic.

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Squeezie, a well-known French YouTuber, was sponsored by Ubisoft to release a video promoting their game Rainbow 6 Siege. The short movie was directed by ThĂ©odore Bonnet, and I was in charge of creating Dokkaebi’s costume, worn by actress Leanna Chea. This was done in collaboration with Replica Industries, who sewed the undersuit whilst I was making the rest of the outfit and accessories. Given the close deadline, I had to complete my part of the project in 9 days, including material research.

You can watch the film here
You can watch the making-of here
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Deathbrand Armour

I had to recreate the outfit my character wears in Skyrim. This project grew between 2017 and 2019, gaining new parts and details. I made eight props for the occasion (some based on Skyrim, some on TESO). It also marks my debut in 3D modelling and printing, which is the technique I used to create a few of the elements.

After three years of good services, the armour and most of the props have been re-homed, some in the USA and some in New Zealand.

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Online ressources

Glass Armour

By Tenhaku.
Helper: Shas’Ozo

This is the armour that made me. Without this build, I would not be doing what I do today. This costume will always have a special part in my heart. I will build a V2 with a slightly different design.

By Yann Champion during Mang’Azur 2017

Several props were built (in that order):
-Nordic battleaxe
-Whiterun shield
-Nordic sword
-Glass quiver
-Glass bow

By Elkashir-san during Hero Festival 2016
By SĂ©bastien Gourgouras during Hero Festival 2016
By OMarcel during the first edition of Avignon Geek Expo
By Tenhaku.
Helper: Shas’Ozo
By JapActu
Helper: Shas’Ozo