This is not a tutorial. It only shows how I chose to build these pieces, given my budget and tools. It isn’t the best way to do it, but I hope my progress pictures (and mistakes) will help you come up with your own methods. I also apologise for butchering the English language. I was asked to create a mask for a Death Jester costume. I was free to design it as I wished as long as I kept the Harlequin vibe. The final product was inspired by Death Jester miniatures, Jes Goodwin’s Harlequin concepts, and Venetian masks. The most recent version of the DeathRead More →

The very first “homemade” photoshoot. After looking for locations on the Internet with DrCassbul, we decided to go scouting in the Massif de l’Étoile (the mountain range surrounding Marseille). Thanks to Google Maps’ satellite view, we got the coordinates of an abandoned house. The map showed a road connecting the town’s 13th borough to the location, but we didn’t know if it could be accessed with a four wheels vehicle. We decided to drive as far as we could and walk the rest of the way. We had to stop 2km (roughly 1.2 mile) away from our destination, which was closer than I had expected.Read More →

Before we start… Unfortunately, I did not take many progress pictures, but I think I still have enough to illustrate an article. My phone camera being damaged did not help, so some of the pictures are blurry and/or have black dots in them (you can probably tell which ones were taken with said phone…) I pick my methods by taking into account my budget, time, skills, restrictions, and tools. What worked for me might not be the best solution for you, and this isn’t meant to be read as a tutorial. I am also sorry for butchering the English language. Left arm armour, based onRead More →

I was only in charge of making the wings (both sets, head and waist). They were meant to be budget-friendly, so there wasn’t anything fancy involved in the construction process. Building the head wings was pretty straightforward. After drawing a pattern based on the HMO statue -the reference I was asked to use- with GIMP and printing it to the desired scale, I made the wings out of high density EVA foam with a steel wire armature to keep them lightweight. I then added the tiny spikes at the top and created extra volumes with foam clay. I primed them with Flexbond, using it toRead More →

Before we start – and this is valid for any build, not this one in particular – wear appropriate protection for what you are doing (respirator, safety glasses, gloves etc). I am not saying you should wear a mask when drafting patterns, but know the risks related to any products and tools you are using. I am aware that a lot of people start wearing protection AFTER an accident occurs, but please take in consideration what I just said and you might keep your fingers and/or lungs intact.Thank you. I got a fair amount of questions regarding the steps involved in the creation of theRead More →