AGON by AOC – Rocket League Challenge
Occitanie Esport 2021

I was glad to contribute again to Occitanie Esport this year, after producing an award for them in 2020. For the 2021 edition, I even got to make two of them! You can check my portfolio to see the other one. This was also my first time making cars fly (hopefully not the last).

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2021 Outstanding Poster Award
Original design for CRHEA

My Master internship was the last thing I expected to make props for (it was in a physics lab…). I had to design and build an award in a few hours for a conference in CargĂšse (Corsica). The stand is a resin piece (from a mould I already had), and was cast with LEDs inside. They light up clear acrylic rods, which represent light rays. The central piece is a reference to optical metasurfaces, the topic of the conference.

Willhelm’s Scythe
Cris Tales

Dead Good Media asked me to recreate Willhelm’s scythe from Modus’ upcoming game Cris Tales. Given the length of the weapon, I made it so it could break down into three smaller sections, making transportation easier. The LEDs are powered by a cylindrical battery placed inside the pole, and rechargeable via USB. I was torn between keeping the game’s cartoon-like look and creating a more realistic, textured version. I ended up going for the latter. Particular care was dedicated to the paintjob. I combined airbrushing with more traditional hand painting techniques to make the scythe interesting under a close inspection.

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I was also asked to edit short making-of videos for various social media platforms. I always enjoy producing this kind of content, since it shows the amount of work that went into a project.

Tennocon 2021 Cosplay Contest Trophy
Warframe (Digital Extremes)

Five resin trophies were commissioned by Digital Extremes for Tennocon 2021, an event revolving around their game Warframe. They were designed to reference the in-game items players get at certain milestones. These deluxe versions sport a gradient colour scheme and a special emblem, as well as custom-built stands complete with laser-engraved aluminium plaques. They were made from scratch using a variety of techniques, such as 3D modelling, foam work, resin casting, and hand painting. The trophies are Tennocon-exclusive items, and were won during the cosplay contest of the 2021 edition.

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Original Design

Emy Ltr, a French video creator, contacted me about a medium-length movie project: Purplemind. It involved superheroes, and she needed someone to design and build a costume for the main character. After completing the project, the production team asked if I could design and create outfits for the three secondary heroes as well, which I did. In the end, I ended up making five full costumes as well as several accessories for the film. This had to be done remotely, and I worked only with measurements.

You can watch the film here
You can watch the making-of here
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Warhammer 40.000 (personal project)

I created a custom version of Drazhar (from the Warhammer 40.000 universe) as a project for the Twitchcon 2020 cosplay contest. It got crowned Armour Winner and Overall Winner. I wanted this costume to tell a story, so each piece was carefully textured and painted, and subtle references to the 40K universe were included in the design. The armour (especially the “tail”) is entirely articulated, and some parts can even be folded for storage and transportation.

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OES2020 Cosplay Contest Trophy
Original Design

Back in July, I was contacted by ESL Gaming France to design and build a trophy for the Occitanie Esports 2020 cosplay contest. Given the nature of the contest, I went for a much more “homemade” look than the smooth trophies we are used to seeing. I designed a medieval-like stone tower, with fantasy elements like the swirling gold details and the rich-coloured central gem. I got to work with a variety of techniques, including 3D modelling, sculpting, moulding, casting, painting, and even leatherworking. No resin copy of the full award was produced, making this trophy a unique piece.

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Dragon Ball

I had the occasion to create shoe covers for the first time. Working on something so colourful instead of my usual dirt and grime was a pleasant experience. The fabric I got was blue on one side and pink on the other, so I was actually able to use it for both pairs of boots. Shadows were created on the fabric with an airbrush and acrylic ink, in order to give it that contrasted cartoon look. The sewing work was complemented by the addition of resin decorations, foam details, and metal buckles.

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Valkyr Graxx
Warframe (personal project)

This was a personal project, based on the Graxx skins designed by Fredrick AvĂ©n. It took two years, and we still haven’t had the occasion to take proper pictures. A syandana (designed by Liger Inuzuka and Lendel Fajardo) as well as a Jat Kittag replica, complete with lights and smoke, were added later.

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Making-of videos

Wonder Woman
DC Comics

One of my favourite projects. It was the occasion to get into leather working, and try new painting techniques. My main goal here was to get an interesting red colour on the armour, and I had to do many experiments before finding something satisfying.

This costume has found a new home in Central America.

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Making-of videos

PDF ressources

Mechanical arm

I love post-apocalyptic settings, and was thus delighted to be was asked to build a mechanical arm in this style. The main material is 3mm thick Sintra, shaped with a heat-gun, textured with a rotary tool, a rough wall, and some Flexbond. It was painted using acrylics mixed with gloss varnish.

This accessory is now in Martinique.

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Texturing is in my opinion one of the most enjoyable aspects of costume making, and this arm was the perfect occasion to try new techniques. The goal here was to keep it lightweight (the entire pauldron is only 96 grams – around 0.2 lbs) without breaking the budget. As a consequence, I had to rely on materials like EVA foam, thermoplastics, and epoxy resin coating for this project. My favourite part is the glove, which is composed of 24 articulated pieces sewed individually to a fabric base.

These pieces found a new home in Italy.

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Original design (personal project)

This character started as an extra in a Fallout photoshoot, in 2017. They were in need of “filthy people”, and I immediately volunteered. The first version had torn clothes, roller protections, and a metal tube from a damaged hover as a weapon. The outfit then evolved over 2018 and 2019, gaining armour pieces and a modified Nerf gun in the process. It was made primarily out of foam and fabric scraps, as well as bits from older costumes.

After a little trip to England for an event, the costume has found a definitive home in Martinique.

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Making-of videos

Morrigan Aensland

I love wings. My first armour build had articulated wings. The second as well. I have built seven sets of wings between 2016 and 2020, with various shapes, dimensions, and articulation, despite not specialising in them at all. The Darkstalkers wings are one of the props I’ve recreated more than once: three sets have been built in total (two for Morrigan, one for Lilith). You can see some pictures in the gallery below.

The headband holding the “head” wings is meant to be worn under a wig, making the attachments invisible. Same for the larger wings, the harness was conceived to make them look like they are directly attached to your back. They can also rotate in their sockets (see the demo videos below). Both head and waist wings can be separated from their respective harnesses to make storage and shipping easier.

Two sets are now in Australia, whilst the third one went to Central America.

Demo videos

Making-of videos

PDF ressources

Death Jester
Warhammer 40.000/Original

I was asked to create a mask, chestplate, and belt for a Death Jester costume. I was free to design it as I wished as long as I kept the Harlequin vibe. The final product was inspired by Death Jester miniatures, Jes Goodwin’s Harlequin concepts, and Venetian masks.

These pieces found a new home in the USA.

Demo videos

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Deathbrand Armour

By far my most-used armor in Skryim. This is why I absolutely had to build the set in real life. I took a lot of liberties regarding the stalhrim texture. This is the project I built the most props for (in that order):
-Stalhrim battleaxe
-The Oghma Infinium
-Mehrune’s Razor
-An Elder Scroll
-Frostcaster sword (ESO)
-Frostcaster shield (ESO)
-Frostcaster staff (ESO)

The Deathbrand project also marked my first steps in 3D modeling and printing. Mehrune’s Razor was the first prop I ever modeled, the Elder Scroll was the second. The whole armor is EVA foam, save for the belt buckles and the rivets on the tassets (3D prints). I made my own patterns (and 3D models). I have a thread about this build on The Replica Prop Forum

By ABL, during the 19th edition of Gamers Assembly.
Helper: James Nachtwey


I love Overwatch’s designs, they are futuristic and cartoony at the same time, so I was glad to receive this request. It splits in several parts, and the spikes are magnetic.

Demo videos

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Rainbow 6 Siege

Squeezie, a well-known French YouTuber, was sponsored by Ubisoft to release a video promoting their game Rainbow 6 Siege. The short movie was directed by ThĂ©odore Bonnet, and I was in charge of creating Dokkaebi’s costume, worn by actress Leanna Chea. This was done in collaboration with Replica Industries, who sewed the undersuit whilst I was making the rest of the outfit and accessories. Given the close deadline, I had to complete my part of the project in 9 days, including material research.

You can watch the film here
You can watch the making-of here
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Deathbrand Armour
Skyrim: Dragonborn

I had to recreate the outfit my character wears in Skyrim. This project grew between 2017 and 2019, gaining new parts and details. I made eight props for the occasion (some based on Skyrim, some on TESO). It also marks my debut in 3D modelling and printing, which is the technique I used to create a few of the elements.

After three years of good services, the armour and most of the props have been re-homed, some in the USA and some in New Zealand.

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Online ressources

Glass Armour
Skyrim (personal project)

By Tenhaku.
Helper: Shas’Ozo

This is the armour that made me. Without this build, I would not be doing what I do today. This costume will always have a special part in my heart. I will build a V2 with a slightly different design.

By Yann Champion during Mang’Azur 2017

Several props were built (in that order):
-Nordic battleaxe
-Whiterun shield
-Nordic sword
-Glass quiver
-Glass bow

By Elkashir-san during Hero Festival 2016
By SĂ©bastien Gourgouras during Hero Festival 2016
By OMarcel during the first edition of Avignon Geek Expo
By Tenhaku.
Helper: Shas’Ozo
By JapActu
Helper: Shas’Ozo