I was only in charge of making the wings (both sets, head and waist). They were meant to be budget-friendly, so there wasn’t anything fancy involved in the construction process. Building the head wings was pretty straightforward. After drawing a pattern based on the HMO statue -the reference I was asked to use- with GIMP and printing it to the desired scale, I made the wings out of high density EVA foam with a steel wire armature to keep them lightweight. I then added the tiny spikes at the top and created extra volumes with foam clay. I primed them with Flexbond, using it toRead More →

I love wings. My first armour build had articulated wings. The second as well. I have built seven sets of wings between 2016 and 2020, with various shapes, dimensions, and articulation, despite not specialising in them at all. The Darkstalkers wings are one of the props I’ve recreated more than once: three sets have been built in total (two for Morrigan, one for Lilith). You can see some pictures in the gallery below. The headband holding the “head” wings is meant to be worn under a wig, making the attachments invisible. Same for the larger wings, the harness was conceived to make them look likeRead More →