Sharing knowledge: I’m trying to focus more on this aspect of costume making these days. You will find below a list of resources you can have access to. Some are free, some require extra support to be unlocked. Basically, the “extra support” ones help me produce more free content.

I can also run workshops and panels at events. For more information about booking, you can consult the dedicated page

For free

Progress pictures

An enormous amount of progress pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Videos on YouTube

  • [MAKING-OF] series
    • Post-apocalyptic pauldron (EN dub) here
    • Valkyr Graxx helmet (EN dub) here
    • Morrigan wings (EN dub + sub) part 1
  • [ONE WAY OF] series
    • Carving lines in foam here
    • Reptile texture here
    • Muscle-like shapes here
    • Painting metallic red here
  • [HOW DO YOU PUT IT ON ?] series
    • Post-apocalyptic here

Build logs on various forums

Free e-books

  • Wonder Woman making-of on my website

Articles (making-of and behind-the-scenes)

  • Texturing the Visarch here
  • Magik’s arm here
  • Death Jester mask here
  • Post-apocalyptic photoshoot here

With extra support

Patterns and help sheets

Patterns [P], help sheets [HS], and instructions [I] on Patreon and in my shop:

  • Wonder Woman’s bracers [P]
    • Undercuts #1 [HS]
    • Undercuts #2 [HS]
  • Round pauldron [P]
    • Assembling pauldrons [HS]
  • Futuristic helmet [P]+[I]
    • Under-bevels [HS]
    • Magnets [HS]
  • Morrigan/Lilith wings part 1 [P]+[I] (video)
    • Shaping the wings [HS]
  • Wonder Woman’s tiara [P]+[I]
    • Painting gold #1 [HS]
    • Undercuts #1 [HS] (also available with the bracers patterns)

Please note that you have access to all of the above with Tier 3 on Patreon, but that the help sheets cannot be purchased separately from their parent template in the shop.

Discord server access

Where you can interact with everyone and ask as many questions as you like. Available for all tiers on Patreon

Making-of PDFs

  • Dragon & Egg