Morrigan Aensland

I love wings. My first armour build had articulated wings. The second as well. I have built seven sets of wings between 2016 and 2020, with various shapes, dimensions, and articulation, despite not specialising in them at all. The Darkstalkers wings are one of the props I’ve recreated more than once: three sets have been built in total (two for Morrigan, one for Lilith). You can see some pictures in the gallery below.

The headband holding the “head” wings is meant to be worn under a wig, making the attachments invisible. Same for the larger wings, the harness was conceived to make them look like they are directly attached to your back. They can also rotate in their sockets (see the demo videos below). Both head and waist wings can be separated from their respective harnesses to make storage and shipping easier.

Two sets are now in Australia, whilst the third one went to Central America.

Demo videos

Making-of videos

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