Deathbrand Armour

By far my most-used armor in Skryim. This is why I absolutely had to build the set in real life. I took a lot of liberties regarding the stalhrim texture. This is the project I built the most props for (in that order):
-Stalhrim battleaxe
-The Oghma Infinium
-Mehrune’s Razor
-An Elder Scroll
-Frostcaster sword (ESO)
-Frostcaster shield (ESO)
-Frostcaster staff (ESO)

The Deathbrand project also marked my first steps in 3D modeling and printing. Mehrune’s Razor was the first prop I ever modeled, the Elder Scroll was the second. The whole armor is EVA foam, save for the belt buckles and the rivets on the tassets (3D prints). I made my own patterns (and 3D models). I have a thread about this build on The Replica Prop Forum

By ABL, during the 19th edition of Gamers Assembly.
Helper: James Nachtwey